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Watch ICC World Cup 2015 Live Cricket Streaming in High Definition 99% Dedicated, Reliable Stream, Guaranteed with no buffer.  

ICC World Cup 2015 Live in HD | Paid cricket hd | Less Advertisment | FULL HD Highlights

PC Stream: 1200 kbps – 1800 kbps HD | iOS: 450 kbps – 650 kbps

Here’s the catch, if you’re not satisfied with the quality during the match you’re free to claim a full refund!

Honestly we don’t want your money without satisfaction.

If you have doubt on the quality of the video we offer, please check this DEMO FEED.

watch live cricket on iPad Our stream is compatible with iPhone, iPad and all Android mobiles.

Support Ticket Guaranteed system is available with 5 min guaranteed response time during the match hours.

If you don’t have time to watch on live. Don’t worry we give you HIGHLIGHTS complete free with your subscription! full HD highlights Guarantee.

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100% Secure Payment & Instant Activation. No need to wait human process.

24/7 Live support is the best customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How to Watch Live Cricket HD Stream in iPhone, iPad & Android?

It’s very simple. We have apple iOS stream work on iPhone / iPad as well in HD. No need any application download. Just login to watch in your iPhone and iPad as well in HD Quality.

Note:-  Please login one device only at a time if you login those devices PC and iPhone Your account will be lock automatically. then you have to contact our support staff to unlock.

2) What if two matches are on at the same time Can I watch both games? 
You can simply change the channels using Channel link. You may new tab in your browser  one and twoo at a same time but, not diffrect login.

3) What happens once I purchase?
No Need to wait human process! You will get instant activation. Just login to watch if any login issue please kindly contact us:

4) I’d like to be able to watch the match both at home and at work. Is that possible
You are allowed to watch from different places, using a one time Purchase, provided you do not do so concurrently. You have to logout one place then login other place as well. If you attempt to watch from 2 places concurrently, your account will be locked. Multiple concurrent streams are not permitted. We strongly discourage any attempts to share the streams among multiple users. Violation of this rule will result in the cancellation of your subscription.

5) Do I need a broadband connection to watch a stream?

Yes, you will need to have a broadband connection, which can be either a DSL or High-Speed Cable Internet connection, to be able to watch the video. We recommend users have a 512k minimum broadband connection; you can test your broadband speed at and you can also test our stream compatibility online (see below).

NOTE:- Wireless not stable sometimes in HD stream. There is a packet loss issue will happen:  more details (Click Here to Play)

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