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Cricket is a sport that has been invented in the early 16th century and has been extremely famous ever since. The peak of this international game arrives in the form of the Cricket World Cup. Other crucial events comprise the Test Series, T20 World Cup, and One Day International. Each country operates a broad range of domestic tournaments that are highly competitive.

Whether you are watching cricket in a stadium, on television or online, the rules are almost the same for each rule except the overs. To enjoy any game, it’s important to know the rules properly otherwise, nothing in the game can be understood. Hence, in this article, we would discuss some general facts about ICC cricket streaming HD,

Purpose of the Game

Every game is played with a distinct purpose. Cricket is also no exception. The purpose of cricket is to achieve more runs than your competitor. There are three types of cricket generally played. Test series, One Day and Twenty 20 matches and each game must be completed within a particular time scale.

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In paid streaming of the t20 world cup, you can see to achieve a run the batsman requires to hit the ball with a cricket bat made from wood such as English willow or Kashmir willow. After conducting a toss, one team chooses to bat the other selects bowling and fielding. The purpose is to bowl the opponent team out for as limited runs as possible or constrain them to as limited runs in the given time. After a team has lost all their wickets or the allotted time has ended then the teams will change positions.

Players and Required Tools

In live streaming of the ICC t20 world cup, each cricket team contains 11 players. These eleven players would include different functions in the team from bowlers, batsmen, fielders and wicket keepers. While each player may have a special forte they can select any role they want.

The size of the pitch differs greatly in cricket but is generally conducted on a circular grass field with a perimeter of approximately 200m. The verge of the field is known as the boundary edge and usually determines the line between being in the match and out of the match.

In the centre of the pitch, the wicket should be positioned. The wicket would consist of two sets of three stumps at both ends and they should be 22 yards apart. At each verge of the wicket is recognised as the crease and a line is pulled about 2 yards across the wicket from the stumps. The bowler would bowl the cricket ball from one end while the batsmen would attempt and hit the ball from the other end.

Batsmen should wear different paddings such as gloves, leg guards, inner thigh guards, thigh guards, a helmet, a box and a chest guard. All players should wear spiked shoes and white clothes. But this rule is applied for test matches whereas, in quicker games like One Day or T-20 matches, the players can wear coloured clothes.

The cricket ball is formulated with cork and would be red in colour in test matches or white in one-day matches.

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Rules of Scoring

In the men’s t20 world cup live streaming, a run happens when a batsman strikes the ball with their bat and the two batsmen successfully make a run to the other end of the stumps. The batsmen can run as many times as they prefer before being out. If the ball strikes out the boundary line after it has kicked out at least once from evacuating the bat then 4 runs are provided. If the ball takes off the boundary line without jumping then 6 runs are granted to the batting team.

Runs can also be achieved when the bowler delivers a wide bowl that is a ball that is too distant away from the wickets, a no ball where the bowler conducts an overstepping the front line on the stump, or a bye where the two batsmen run anyway while no one touches the ball and a leg bye where the ball blows the batsmen’s body or leg and a run is conducted.

Finishing the Game

As we cited earlier, after the successful execution of the toss, one team would bat first and the other team would field then. The batting team would attempt and score as many runs as possible in the given time while the bowling team will strive and include them by fielding the ball. The teams then exchanged and the second team would attempt to outscore the runs their adversaries achieved first. If they fail to do so they forfeit, if they attain the score they would win.

So these are some of the general rules of live cricket online HD quality. Knowing the rules is extremely important to enjoy the match perfectly. This article can function as a wonderful guide for those who are less aware of any rules of cricket.

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