What is ? provides live cricket for cricket lovers around the world with an alternative way to enjoy their favourite sports from the comfort of their PC or laptop from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


What is my requirement

In order to use CricketOnlineHD service, you must have the following:

a.) A Windows PC or MAC PC, capable of watching a flash player.

b.) A downstream capable of downloading at a rate commensurate to the stream quality — On average 500k/s down.


Do You Offer returns or refunds

Refund: honestly, we don’t want your money if you’re not happy with our service. but due to high volume of fraud activities (they watch the live video for next few hours/days then asking a refund) the refund for only members who are unable to watch the live video from our URL before you asking a refund you need to contact us via support or email we will try few ways to solve your issue if we unable to provide then we will refund (If u Contact US with in 24 Hour Only)


Is my information private?

The only information we have is your email and we never share it, We do not have your payment information Financial information it`s handled by trusted company.


How do I register at

Purchasing access to live events is easy fast and secure. Just Go to BUY NOW


How do I change my password?

To change your password, first login to your account . Then click the “Change Password/Edit Profile” link on the page. Enter your current password and the new password twice to confirm.


How do I retrieve a lost password?

To retrieve your account password, click the lost password page to have it sent to your email address.

I am based in the USA/Canada/India/UK /Australia; can I watch your streams

Anyone in the world is welcome to purchase access and enjoy this great service no matter where in the world you are.


Do I need a broadband connection to watch a stream?

Yes, you will need to have a broadband connection, which can be either a DSL or High-Speed Cable Internet connection, to be able to watch the video. We recommend users have a 512k minimum broadband connection; you can test your broadband speed at and you can also test our stream compatibility online (see below).


NOTE:- Wireless not stable sometimes in HD stream. There is  a packet loss issue will happen.


What happens once I purchase

Once you have purchased event you will be forwarded login details full viewing instructions via email, Please Note that we will email your access information to email address you provide during payment process. no need to wait human process it will be instant activation.


Before I register, I want to get an idea of the video quality. How can I do that?

For a sample of the video quality, we recommend that you play our sample clip . We encourage all our users to play the sample clip, prior to registering. In addition to demonstrating the video quality this also checks your system for compatibility.

Hey I like to subscribe 1 year package but am afraid because I have a bad experience two similar cricket website any idea

Don`t worry about anything We streams since 2004 there are over 5800 members 380+ yearly subscriber and 570+ monthly subscriber and above 1000+ series subscriber this result will tell you that we are professional streamer.


What will the quality of the video be in a live scenario, when there is a lot of traffic?

The video in a live scenario will be streamed at on a variable bit rate basis, this means that we set a maximum upstream rate and your computer will automatically download the stream at the most suitable bit rate for your connection speed and system setup. We currently provide access to streams at bit rates ranging from 1200 kbps, as demonstrated on demo page. To see how the streams will work on your system please refer to the demo we offer sample clip.


Can I watch your streams other then windows or mac Computer

Yes Submitted by one of our happy members, Thanks david.

Not a question – just thought I’d let you know – Cricket stream working perfectly on Ubuntu 9.04/Firefox.

in addition to a vanilla install of Ubuntu, users will need to add the “ubuntu-restricted-extras” and the mozilla-mplayer packages refer to Ubuntu forums or for further help


I missed live game, do you show replays

While we try our best to provide replays we are not able to guarantee all games to have replays, since that is out of our control and depends on the station broadcasting the event, however in most cases replays usually start within couple hours of original game ending Video On Demand.


Will you guys provide a support if i`m having problem with your link

In order to provide prompt costumer support to our world wide costumer base we have service representatives working from three continents to cover most time zones, We stand behind our prompt and strong costumer support and answer ALL emails and orders, Our response time is in most cases within an hour, however in busy season please allow up to 12h for our response, If you do not receive response within that time frame please check your Junk and Spam folder and try to contact us from different email address.


We send a copy of each email to our monitoring department and record all email server logs to be able to provide proof of delivery and communication if necessary.


Can I connect my computer to the television set, and then watch your streams on my TV instead

Yes you can connect your computer to the TV screen, and watch the streaming services on your TV instead of your computer. Many computer graphic cards now have S-Video outputs, which will allow you to run an S-Video cable direct from your TV or video equipment. Please click here for more information and details on other methods and equipment to achieve an output from your PC to your TV.


What if two matches are on at the same time Can I watch both games

You will be provided two links. One showing One Game and the other showing other game. You may switch from one to another but not watch same stream at the same time.


Are the matches being shown live

All events covered are broadcast LIVE. For some popular events we may on occasion offer a highlights package at no extra cost.


Why should I register

Registration has several benefits. Once you have registered, you can purchase packages and view live video at any time. In addition, as a registered user you will be notified about upcoming events by email. The information you provide to us on registration is completely confidential, and is not provided to any third-party.


If I buy access to streams can I record it to my computer and watch it later

We have designed our stream technology so that the footage can be recorded, you can even use a timer recording option if you wish to do so. However, to do this you will need Video Recorder software.


I’d like to be able to watch the match both at home and at work. Is that possible

You are allowed to watch from different places, using a one time Purchase, provided you do not do so concurrently. You have to logout one place then login other place as well. If you attempt to watch from 2 places concurrently, your account will be blocked off from the previous place, and warning will be sent us. Multiple concurrent streams are not permitted. We strongly discourage any attempts to share the streams among multiple users. Violation of this rule will result in the cancellation of your subscription.


I purchased a stream but there was no play due to an early finish or bad weather, can I have a refund

Whilst unfortunately no refunds can be provided due to circumstances out with our control, we are happy to offer credits for cancelled events in the form of access to alternative events of no lesser value than value of canceled event and not higher than 3 times the value of cancelled event.

If no alternative events are available at the time an event has been fully cancelled, you may apply credit in the value of cancelled event towards future purchases.

Credit amount amount will be calculated per number of games purchased and number of games actually cancelled. For instance if you purchased a package with ten one day ODI games and one ODI game was fully cancelled, you would receive credit for 10% of original transaction amount.

Only events fully cancelled without any play will be considered for such a credit. If no alternative event is available customers should contact us to request a credit for future purchases.


Just purchased cricket package but unable to login at website

Once you have bought the package it should take a few minutes (less than 5 mins) to get activate and the new package to appear in your “My Packages” list if you have not receive email with in few minutes please don`t hesitate to contact us.


What are the minimum system requirements needed to watch live cricket videos

PC Minimum Configuration is Requied:

Processor Speed: Single Core CPU @ 2.4GHz or Dual Core CPU

Memory: 512 MB of RAM

Video Memory: 128 MB of Video RAM

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows7

Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ (64-bit browsers are NOT supported) and Internet Explorer 6+

Plugins: Flash plug-in

Screen Resolution: 1024×768 or higher with 32-bit color

Connection Speed: 1024 Kbps (minimum of 512 Kbps)